With over 25 years of manufacturing, service and sales experience both domestically and internationally Kevin’s fingerprints can be found all over the globe throughout a vast array of industries. The founder of The Highwood Group, he is focused on developing top tier, innovative products and services, providing sorely needed equipment solutions.
Prior to Highwood, Kevin founded 3 separate start-up companies, growing each to the point of sale to private equity firms. In his last role with Rangeland Industrial Service, Kevin started with a workforce of 2 in Southern Alberta and grew it to over 120 staff across 3 Canadian divisions including a subsidiary in the U.S.A. before its acquisition. Through his endeavors, Kevin has held key roles in operations, sales, design, management and corporate leadership and brings this expertise to Highwood Equipment Technologies.
Kevin’s keen business sense, vision and leadership have allowed Highwood to grow despite the current economic climate in our industry. Under Kevin’s guidance and direction, Highwood Group is poised for continued success for years to come.

Over the last decade, Colin has been designing, drawing, and drafting products for clients in irrigation, fabrication, heavy equipment and oil and gas. Colin has established Highwood's existing line of well-service equipment and continues to grow an industry-leading products catalogue.

Beginning his career with Rangeland Drilling Automation as one of the first mechanical designers, Colin was integral to the company's product line design. He built Rangeland's first automated service rig, which included designing, developing, equipping and prototyping the entire project.

Colin plays a vital role in overcoming our clients' challenges by developing customized equipment solutions unavailable elsewhere.

Mike has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and servicing custom equipment. His career started as a skilled tradesman where he learned the fundamentals of fabrication and field service. His experience and roles have rapidly evolved into becoming a key member of the management team as the service manager at Rangeland Drilling Automation where he worked closely with the finance and engineering teams to build a profitable division within the company. Shortly after the Rangeland and Prostar Well Service merger, Mike was served as the Production Manager where he was able to bring his experience in all facets of the business to the table. He successfully managed shop operations, field service, production planning, purchasing, quality, and was the liaison between engineering and the finished product build teams. During his time as the Production Manager, labor costs and productions costs were reduced by 40% with zero injuries to personnel Mike brings unique experiences and a practical approach to the team at Pradera to manufacture a high-quality product efficiently.

Stuart joined the Highwood team in May 2019. His experience is in Aerospace and Medical Device manufacturing. Stuart brings with him a production and project management background coupled with extensive regulatory experience. Stuart has successfully managed new products through FDA, UL, CE and FAA approval, and has led multiple corporate certifications to Aerospace AS9100D, ISO13485 and ISO9001. Most recently Stuart has completed the Aerospace AS9100 and API Q1, 4F, 8C AND 7K quality system transitions at Highwood, with recertification date of November 2021. Stuart is also a private seaplane pilot, and has a passion for aviation, certified product development, and quality-critical manufacturing.

Greg who recently joined Highwood Global LP is a Team Oriented Leader who takes pride in transparency and constant communication in providing strategic solutions catered to any challenges of our customers, our suppliers, and our own company alike. The ability to manage customers with a hybrid style Business Development and Senior Project Management philosophy with over 25 years of experience in the vast tooling manufacturing industry of Automotive, Aerospace, Space, Energy and Defense has given him the confidence and experience to reach a successful solution and delivery of any opportunity that presents itself.

The recent experience of successfully launching the 2021 Ford Bronco manufacturing door lines at Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, while faced with the global unprecedented times, and limited resources, is a true testament of his focus and determination to launch the vehicle while keeping a positive culture and mentality of success breeds success. This mentality carries over into any new customer businesses being developed and current business with established customers and suppliers.