Our Aerospace / Space Vision

Highwood Global Aerospace / Space vision for the next decade is to be world-class, worldwide supplier of assembly fixtures, transportation equipment, tooling manufacturing equipment, floor-mounted equipment, and scaffolding. By striving to our highest quality standard on each project, we will continue to set the precedent of efficiency, safety, and assuring our customers that their finished…
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truck big wheels rig

Our New Fifth Wheel Hitch

We are excited to announce the availability of our new fifth wheel hitch to help serve the Waste and Recycling Industry! This new capability is the direct result of us listening and working with our customers. The industry continues to evolve to increase efficiencies for drivers to spend less time on site and more time…
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Resource Management With Highwood

Resource management is quickly becoming the hot topic of meetings From the boardroom, to morning safety meetings before your crew leaves, all managers are looking after their resources. These can vary from manpower, to machinery, to time, and to our natural resources. We are putting more focus and energy into our natural resources closer and…
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Highwood At A Glance

Highwood is an international company with machines working all over the world that prides itself on serving all customers through manufacturing, engineering services, and a history of tackling tough projects. Growing up with a father in public relations that is heavily involved in our community, it was ingrained in me to have an elevator speech…
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Transportation Services - Plane Unload

Bringing Experience To New Markets

When making a professional jump or move, we often need to rely on our experiences in the past to help with new situations and challenges. We must do this with every situation and project that we work on. We rely on our coworkers to bring their backgrounds to meetings, planning sessions, and conference calls to…
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