Our international project management team has been able to utilize our multiple locations throughout North America to support our customer’s needs. We have been supplying full systems, components, and hydraulic machinery in the aerospace, oil and gas, waste and recycling, hydroelectric, marine, and many more industries. With our history of taking personal and professional ownership on multiple projects, we understand and respect deadlines and uptime. Our dedication to quality standards and programs gives our customers the confidence that they need in on- and off-site project management, design engineering, and contract manufacturing.


Our philosophy of seeing any size project, hydraulic or mechanical assembly, all the way through to complete customer satisfaction keeps our customers trust in us high and coming back for different products that will make their businesses more efficient and protect their bottom line. No matter the size of the project, our customers know that they have the full support of our project management team, our fabricators, engineers, and executive personnel on their side and ensuring that their goals and standards are exceeded.
Highwood Global’s unique position in the market, relying on our history and experience, our team can help with any project. From tooling up layup mandrels, to material transportation system, to mobile hydraulic equipment, we have the support, knowledge, and team to ensure our customers will be coming back for their next project.


Highwood specializes in fabricated metal parts and assemblies (electro, hydraulic and mechanical) for use in making aerospace tooling and infrastructure projects stronger and longer lasting. We have certified capabilities in design and engineering, welding, machining, automated systems, and electrical/hydraulic assembly.


We bring expertise for large post-machined weldments and engineered machine solutions. Our focus on project management, component integrations and vertically integrated processes ensures that we meet our customer’s requirements.


We also employ a value-added supply chain, structured as partnerships, join ventures or primary vendor relationships. By working with us early on you can be assured of a product that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Transportation Services - Plane Unload

Oil & Gas

Highwood develops and supplies the world’s safest and most reliable machinery for the oil and gas industry. From upgrading existing equipment with automation and data logging to designing and manufacturing custom equipment. Highwood has the capabilities and know-how to solve your challenges, even if it means crafting equipment that doesn’t exist.


Drawing on the talents of our highly experienced team, Highwood offers a wide range of repair and refurbishment services to extend the lifespan of your assets. We understand how costly idle equipment is, which is why we provide fast, cost-effective, and professional service to shorten your downtime. With our customers' needs front of mind, we do everything from small repairs to full-on refurbishment.


Highwood’s vast engineering experience in tooling and equipment design for the aerospace industry has been attractive solution for modern transportation technology companies that provide hyperloop and light rail solutions.


Highwood has become a key supplier in providing engineering services to supplement these companies engineering organizations in the development of their new technologies. In turn, our deep-rooted involvement within these organizations allows us to offer highly competitive pricing on the fabrication of the design solutions while maintaining the highest quality. Due to our involvement from inception to final validation, we can offer the greatest value within the shortest amount of lead time.


Our team becomes an extension of your team, with the same commitment and dedication to meet even your most challenging goals and requirements.

Transportation - Hyperloop example
Waste & Recyling - Highwood

Waste & Recycling

Highwood Global’s unique history, partners, and team gives us a great position in the Waste and Recycling industry. Our full in-house solutions can be utilized on a number of different machines, adding to systems, and help your team with new and improved products.


Our team’s experience in supplying some of the world’s safest and most reliable machinery in the most demanding elements has allowed us to look at already existing equipment and improve the design and efficiencies of existing designs. Highwood Global’s team of engineers and field service representatives work together to ensure that what improvements that are made, will work in the field.


Our customer base trusts us to improve on many different systems and product lines. This includes mobile hydraulic machinery, off road transportation equipment, conveyors, site upgrades, to simple items like bins and containers. We understand that this industry is one of the most dangerous to work in, so we strive to make any product safer, more efficient, and have a longer working life to help with day-to-day operations and teammate safety.