Highwood At A Glance

Highwood is an international company with machines working all over the world that prides itself on serving all customers through manufacturing, engineering services, and a history of tackling tough projects.

Growing up with a father in public relations that is heavily involved in our community, it was ingrained in me to have an elevator speech ready to go. I remember being 15 and going to chamber events and my dad having me go over my pitch time and time again. Now that I am getting involved in my own way and moving companies, this has proven my dad correct, again. 

Seeing what Highwood can do

My last outing before the COVID-19 Shelter in Place order I was catching up with some friends and they asked how my new role was going. This was right after I got back from our Calgary facilities and seeing just part of what Highwood can do. The three facilities we have up there are able to automate existing equipment, build our own rigs, and even take the role of a consulting engineering firm. This is a new environment for me, I’ve mostly worked on selling products and focused projects. I haven’t had the luxury of finding a project, almost any project from the oil fields, waste-water treatment, plant and site upgrades (like maintenance friendly conveyors and updated systems), aerospace, marine, to mining; and being told “yes, we have done that before.”

This unique ability and background provides great pictures, experiences, and a solid footing in all these industries. What is difficult about our tradition of tackling different projects, is a short and focused elevator speech. Please see some of our projects below and let us know how we can help. We are working every day to make our customers’ lives easier.

Please contact us to learn more about Highwood’s capabilities.