Bringing Experience To New Markets

When making a professional jump or move, we often need to rely on our experiences in the past to help with new situations and challenges. We must do this with every situation and project that we work on. We rely on our coworkers to bring their backgrounds to meetings, planning sessions, and conference calls to come up with new ways to approach an ever changing business climate.

The waste and recycling industry is no different.

We are under constant scrutiny from local, state, and federal groups to keep providing safe and efficient ways to deal with and process our growing waste needs. Our customers depend on vendors to meet deadlines under budget while meeting expectations. As they should and need to. A good vendor will always welcome competition and ways to improve their products. That is what makes a true partnership in our industries.

Why I am excited to be a new addition to this team

This is exactly what we are doing at Highwood and why I am excited to be a new addition to this team. Being in the waste and recycling for more than a decade, I have seen a variety of ways to approach projects and products used to keep employees and the general public safe. With us being in the third most dangerous industry, we need to have a culture built around safety using equipment and processes that are repeatable to keep our efficiencies. We are tasked with handling a growing industry, while using the same infrastructure, and more legislation.

This is what makes us unique. We have been providing answers to complicated industries like oil and gas, aerospace, mining, and marine. We have a management team with more than 150 years of experience in providing custom hydraulic equipment, waste water treatment, and overhauling and automating existing systems to add safety, improve on downtime and maintenance needs, and updating systems to include new technologies.

Our unique Centrifuge driven wastewater treatment line

A great majority of projects that we have seen, no matter the industry, has a component or concern about water usage or wastewater. We deal with leachate, storm water, and wastewater every day in the garbage industry. All the conferences that we attend have at least one track dealing with water or liquids at their site. We have an advantage with these projects because of our centrifuge driven wastewater treatment line that we can incorporate into a new system, upgrading existing centrifuges and systems. We have been adding easy to maintain (with rebuildable and replaceable components), modular solid separation systems with strategic partners for 6 years and are continuing to improve our line and regional service centers.

What makes us different

We look forward to being the “new kids on the block” with the Waste and Recycling industry. This means that we strive to earn our customers trust, work that much harder to provide a solution that exceeds expectations while staying on budget and focused on meeting deadlines. It is what makes the difference between a vendor that only wants to make sales and a vendor that looks forward to working with our customers to provide a safe, efficient, and on budget solution time and time again.

We look forward to working with you and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or project needs that are giving you trouble!

Stay safe and we look forward to working with you.