Highwood specializes in fabricated metal parts and assemblies (electro, hydraulic and mechanical) for use in making aerospace tooling and infrastructure projects stronger and longer lasting. We have certified capabilities in design and engineering, welding, machining, fabrication, automated systems and electrical/hydraulic assembly.

We bring particular expertise for large post-machined weldments and engineered machine solutions. Our focus on project management, component integrations and vertically integrated processes ensures that we meet our customer’s requirements.

We also employ a value-added supply chain, structured as partnerships, join ventures or primary vendor relationships. By working with us early on you can be assured of a product that meets or exceeds your design requirements, cost parameters and quality requirements.

More information on our design and fabrication capabilities.

Highwood’s Unique Capabilities for Aerospace Projects

  • Ultra-large structure fabrication, assembly and rig-up.
  • Full hydraulic and electrical system assembly and installation capabilities.
  • Small, medium and large precision part machining capabilities.
  • Highwood also provides spare parts, technical service, customized applications and value engineering support.